[Last Updated: 10/10]

The Advantages of Being Helpless

Publication : Scientific American Mind, February 2010

Topic : Prefrontal / Cognitive Development, Language Acquisition

Relevant Papers :  Cognition without control: when a little frontal lobe goes a long way (2009) and Developmental change and the nature of learning in childhood (2007).

Featured in : Wired, The Atlantic Monthly, MindHacks, American Scientist, National Post

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Why Johnny Can’t Name His Colors

Publication : Scientific American Mind, July 2010

Topic : Color Learning, Facilitating Verbal Category Acquisition

Relevant Paper : The Effects of Feature-Label-Order and their Implications for Symbolic Learning (2010)

Featured in: Discover, MindHacks, Open Anthology

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The Defenestration of Cookie (5-Part Series)

Publication : Scientopia, August 2010

Topic : Delay of Gratification, Self-Control, Vocabulary Development

Relevant Paper :  Delay of gratification: Strategic learning or cognitive control? (in preparation)

Featured in : 3QuarksDaily, MindHacks

A Thinking Machine : On Metaphors for Mind

Publication :  Scientopia, August 2010

Topic : Theoretical approaches to language

Relevant Paper :  Computing Machinery and Understanding (2010)

Featured in: PhilPapers, BigThink

The Development of Causal Reasoning : On Optimal Search in the A-not-B task

Publication : Scientopia, August 2010

Topic : A-not-B task, cognitive development, learning

Relevant Paper :  Learning to explore the world through its statistics: Infants’ visual search in the A-not-B task (under review)

The Knobe Effect

Publication : Scientopia, October 2010

Topic : Analogy, metaphor, prediction in language, corpus linguistics

Relevant Paper : Running Down the Clock: the Role of Expectation in our Understanding of Time and Motion

Featured in: 3QuarksDaily, MindHacks