CSDL / ESLP Conference

This weekend, Prof Michael Ramscar and researcher Melody Dye will be attending the joint meeting of the Conceptual Structure, Discourse and Language Conference with the The Embodied and Situated Language Processing Workshop in San Diego.  They will be presenting a number of posters on cutting-edge research, and Melody will be giving a talk on Sunday afternoon.

Lab co-authors and contributors to these presentations include Hanna Popick, Joseph Klein, Edward Suh, Justine Kao, Robert Ryan, and Fiona O’Donnell-McCarthy. Running Down the Clock, which was published as a journal article just this past year, was co-authored with UC Merced Prof Teenie Matlock, a long time lab collaborator.

You can access the conference schedule here.

  • Directional Effects and the Distributional Hypothesis
  • Running Down the Clock : The Role of Expectation in our Understanding of Time & Motion (poster)(journal article)
  • Ordering Effects in the Acquisition of Number Words (poster)
  • A Steep Price to Pay? On the Costs and Benefits of Learning Relative Pitch (poster)
  • Readers’ Sensitivities to the Surface Statistics of Literary and Non-Literary Writing (proceedings)
  • What can Blocking Effects Tell Us About Mutual Exclusivity? (poster)