BloggingHeadsTV ‘Science Saturdays’

Melody and Michael’s chat on learning theory, capacity limitations and color learning, goes live today over at BloggingHeadsTV ‘Science Saturdays.’ Unfortunately, as may be obvious to viewers, there were a number of technical difficulties the two experienced over the course of the chat — the connection was broken and choppy at several points, and there was construction in the background, making it difficult to hear. This leads to some epic failures of “language as prediction” as the two try to navigate some of the topics across a (literally) noisy channel. However, whether you’re watching for content — the occasional befuddlement of the hosts — or simply to add to your understanding of how predictive processing works in the wild — it may add a couple of interesting minutes to your Saturday.

If you’re interested in some of the research discussed in the chat, we recommend “Computing Machinery and Understanding” and “The Effects of Feature-Label-Order and their Implications for Symbolic Learning,” available in our articles stockpile.