Learning Language from the Input

Learning Language from the Input: Why Innate Constraints Can’t Explain Noun Compounding” is now ‘trending’ on SciVerse.  The paper, which was published in the February edition of Cognitive Psychology, was one of the journal’s top 5 most downloaded articles in the last three months.  The 7-experiment paper gives a detailed account of why children’s learning reflects the statistical patterns seen in the input and not, as has been frequently claimed, the working of a native rule-based constraint.  If you are interested in our corpus-based research, you may wish to skip to Exp. 7 and our subsequent analyses (pp. 28-35).

One of our favorite quotes from the paper?

“Thought-experiments, by their very nature, run into serious problems when it comes to making hypothesis blind observations, and because of this, it seems reasonable to suggest that their results should be afforded less credence in considering the phenomena themselves.” (p. 35)