Recent Output

This year, five of the lab’s papers were accepted for presentation at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society in Boston. These include:

1. How children learn to value numbers: Information structure & the acquisition of numerical understanding
2. How pitch category learning comes at a cost to absolute frequency representations
3. Informativity versus logic: Children and adults take different approaches to word learning
4. Investigating how infants learn to search in the A-not-B task
5. Breaking the World into Symbols

In addition, two abstracts were accepted for presentation at the LSA Workshop “Information-theoretic Approaches to Linguistics.”

1. The Predictive Function of Prenominal Adjectives
2. German Grammatical Gender Manages Nominal Entropy

Thanks to all the hard work from contributing lab members – Richard Futrell, Hanna Popick, Adam November, Joseph Klein, Nikki Aguirre, Linda Diane Ruiz, Edward Suh, Lily Sadaat and Melody Dye!